Inspired Birth

kKatie0044a5x7    IMG_1044INSPIRED BIRTH: 

An Active Approach to Childbirth Preparation

with Katie Wise



Classes run for 5 weeks & cost includes both the birthing mama, and her partner
(if she is giving birth with one)

Fall/Winter 2014 at Yo Mama in Boulder:

JAN/FEB THURSDAY Class series, 6:30-9:00pm, 1/15-2/12

Inspired Birth Refresher, “Here we go again!” January 17th 12-4pm $125/couple

FEB/MAR THURSDAY Class series, 6:30-9:00pm, 2/19-3/19

APRIL THURSDAY Class series, 6:30-9:00pm, 4/2- 4/30

 Fall/Winter 2014 at The Mama ‘Hood in Denver:

JAN/FEB MONDAY Class Series, 6:30-9:00pm 1/12-2/16


Dynamic, Fun, and Experiential, I created Yo Mama’s Inspired Birth originally as a childbirth class for my doula clients.  I was tired of seeing women have to choose a childbirth class with a singular method.  Some methods had great exercises, some had tons of grounded information, and others focused on a specific hypnosis technique that may not work for all mamas.  And many classes seemed to increase a couple’s fears.  Yo Mama’s Inspired Birth has something for everyone, and affirms birth as a natural, normal, and sacred event.

We incorporate massage, active labor positions, breathwork, birth art, visualization, labor support techniques that really work, and my original hypnosis program: Hypnomama.  Most importantly, the class is fun and funny, because laughter is one of the best ways to release our fears.  Couples graduate with the tools they need for the birth that unfolds for them, no matter what, in any setting.  They connect with their babies and with each other, often making lifelong friends. Each couple is helped to move from a place of fear to a place of excitement and adventure getting ready for their own unique birthing experience.


Prenatal and Labor Support Techniques


The physiology of birth, and fight or flight response to labor

  •   optimal birth positions
  •  labor support: what women need in labor
  • massage and acupressure
  • how to prepare your partner for natural childbirth’s sights,      sounds  and challenges
  •  Hypnomama, a complete hypnosis program to surrender deeply    into birth with less intensity/pain and a shorter labor overall
  •  optimizing your chances for a natural birth through strong preparation
  • Choosing a birthplace and care provider that matches your desires


Labor and Care Providers


  • stages of labor
  • normal labor progress, and signposts to help you know where you are in labor
  • slower labor, detours, and how to get labor back on track
  • using the senses to help support the labor process
  • writing your birth preferences
  • communicating with care providers during pregnancy and labor
  • how to use doula support for birth and/or post partum
  • natural methods to help avoid intervention
  • special ‘partners class’ to help prepare your partner for the birth and postpartum period (with my husband)

Post Partum

  • IMG_1037Preparing for the postpartum period using the Bio/Psycho/Social map
  • realistic expectations for the postpartum period
  • a gentle approach to sleep and scheduling in the first six weeks
  • postpartum depression prevention and awareness
  • natural remedies for mama and baby in the post partum period
  • preparing your community and extended family to support you the way that you need to be supported.
  • protecting your partnership so that it can thrive after baby’s arrival.


To Register for these childbirth classes:

  1. Please fill out the registration form hereto sign up and/or get more information
  2.  Click hereto make a deposit and hold your space in class

(this is our mindbody software, please let us know if you have any questions)

Note, each month there is an optional Breastfeeding class and/or Birth Circle offered.  For the Monday class series, there is typically no class on the first Monday of the month, and families are encouraged to attend either/both of the additional classes.

For later dates, please contact us!  If there is a specific day of the week or Month that you would like to have a childbirth class, please contact us and we will do our best to add one to the schedule.  Classes fill up well in advance, so register as soon as you choose a class to hold your space!

Contact Katie with further questions: email here!
To fill out an Online registration form, please go to the following LINK

To register and pay for classes, click here


“At Yo Mama’s Inspired Birth, you get the full enchilada. You are excellent at providing the factual information, teaching real life, useful techniques, and doing it all with a spirit of love and light-heartedness.” ~Kristen and Laurent

“We feel so much more confident and prepared to labor together and to accept whatever may happen during our birth experience, so we thank Katie for that.”  



COST is $325 per couple, plus $25 for book and materials.

MEMBERSHIP RATE: Yo Mama Members:  $275 (per couple), plus $25 for book and materials.

One day “Here We Go Again” class is $150, all materials included.

For more information on becoming a member of Yo Mama, click here

Please contact us if cost is a concern and we will work with you.  Scholarships available. Payment plans available. We accept cash, check and credit cards. 

There is a refundable Book Deposit of $25 charged the first night of class.  If you choose to keep your book, the deposit is applied.





“I just wanted to drop you all a quick note to say THANK YOU so much for your help in creating the birth we wanted for our son.  Thanks in part to fabulous acupuncture induction sessions, he decided to be born 2 days before our 42-week scheduled medical induction, which was a great relief to me (not at all excited about pitocin). Our birth was med-free, clocked at about 8 hours total, and was expertly stewarded by Hypnomama and my well-educated husband who knew how to care for me during surges.  Now we’ve got a healthy little man and are learning more about parenting every day” ~Andria 

“Being on the the other side of labor and delivery now, I have to express my awe and gratitude for what my body, as a woman, was capable of accomplishing. Thank the good goddess, Katie, that you put together the Hypnomama mp3’s. Putting those on repeat on my iPod throughout the first night of labor was what set the tone for my zen space and ability to maintain focus during the rest of the labor and delivery process.” ~ Kristen


“I wanted to thank you for all I gained during the YoMaMa birthing classes we just completed.  Thank you for the chance to learn, hear, say and feel, all those things that transpired during the brief but earnest hours we spent together in the YoMaMa Birthing Class.  Before the class being a partner to my wife during the birth of our daughter was an idea, but I cannot say it was a plan. Those precious five monday nights we spent together helped me grow secure and sure of my own ability to perform when the time came. The classes helped me understand labor from the outside, and helped me understand how I can participate.

As much as the technical, educational component of the classes  – the emotional charge I got from coming into contact with twenty other open,sincere, vulnerable hearts and minds on the same path as our little family is on, is the magical ingredient allowing me to use the tools I was given with love and trust, rather than timidity and fear. I know we are not alone. 

I send you this letter with such gratitude in my heart. The magic of the class came from how you spun together the breath and heart of all who attended, all who contributed their truths to the collective story of what it is to become parents. Thank you for opening and holding that space for us, together.” Noah 


“He [my partner] felt equally as supported and educated as I did, and he made some sweet connections with the other dads. I’m so happy we were able to attend all of the childbirth classes together,”  ~ Lindsay 


“For me, the double hip squeeze was awesome, as was the moaning (I forget the term you used…long deep breath with sound?), and I really liked the position resting my chest on the ball.  Also, thinking about surrendering to the pain and allowing my body to do what it needed to do.  You had mentioned this several times and it really stuck with me and helped a lot (made the pain almost enjoyable).  It was very special that Michael was able to catch the baby, which was something we would have never asked about had I not heard about it in class.  What surprised me the most was how easy and natural it all was.  Thanks so much for your guidance and support!  I feel very blessed to have had the experience I did through pregnancy and childbirth!  You have provided a wonderful community and collection of resources to expecting mothers, oh and the yoga was great too!” ~ Shelby 

“Thanks, Katie for a great class and book.  What was most useful for me was being around your calming presence.  Sounds wacky, but really it helped us both to really be chill about the whole entire process.  Your delivery of information in a clean, concise & eloquent way was really lovely.   You did a great job of helping us all to build relationships and giving us opportunities to get to know other couples.  Wasn’t expecting that – and I loved it.   The Inspired Birth class is a great mixture of multiple tools, so when the time comes – will have multiple options of things to try.  It’s nice feeling our tool bag is very diversified.  And class was FUN!” ~ Sharon


“I enjoyed the last class the most.  I loved learning from Dr. Roy, and I think it was really helpful to hear about postpartum & to understand what to expect/how to plan support for it. “ ~Mike


“I loved learning massage techniques (head massage for the win!), and splitting up the mamas and dads to talk/share for a bit.” ~ John



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