The Birth of a Phoenix

I am writing this blog with pride, excitement and hopefully some inspiration for those of you that are still awaiting the privilege of giving birth!

John and I welcomed our little angel on Tuesday may 12th at 2:02am. After a weekend of “practice” contractions, (my midwife called them practice, but they sure felt real) early labor began Monday morning around 6am. John and I labored together for a while, my midwife came at 8am and checked me. I was 5cm! I was so excited, and thought we’d have a baby soon.  Active labor began around noon. After a full day and evening of walking, chanting, squatting, and a just a little bit of swearing, I started pushing around 1am on Tuesday. Our baby boy was born at 2:02am, in our home.  I can say that nothing, not even all my experience at other people’s births, could have prepared me for the miracle of feeling our son come out into John’s arms.

And what surprise to welcome a SON!

We were all so convinced that little Sophia was coming!  And even more surprising was his size!  I am glad I didn’t know he was over 8 pounds!  Where was he hiding?

The birth was more amazing than I could have ever imagined.  I definitely came up against some intense edges, and lost my faith more than once.  It was challenging, for sure, but so worth it. And John was a phenomenal partner through the whole thing. Our midwives Elizabeth and Katherine were the perfect guardians of the birth. I have never in my life felt more powerful than I did holding our little son in my arms. I have so much awe for women and the birth process. And I am so grateful that Phoenix had such a peaceful welcome into this world.

Phoenix is almost two weeks old now, and we are more in love every minute. My body is recovering well, John and I are getting used to following the daily rhythms of a newborn. We call our “to-do” list a “to-maybe” list and we’re lucky to check off one thing a day. but it is a magical time. the “baby moon” is really worth carving out time for. This is actually the first time I’ve been in front of a computer in two weeks.  (truly a miracle)  I am enjoying the softness of being a mother.  For a longtime businesswoman, it is something to have my daily responsibilities reduced to such basics.  But beautiful as well.  I feel so human.

So congrats to all the mamas that have given birth, and for those of you still pregnant, you are in for an amazing ride.