Yo Mama Opening

I feel full. Not just from the baby in my belly, who grows closer and closer to it’s due date. But tonight I feel full of the love, support and joy of the community that is being created at Yo Mama.

We had our open house today. It was a whirlwind for me, felt a bit like our wedding, trying to manage logistics as well as connect with each person. One of the highlights for me was teaching the family yoga class in the middle of the day. Looking out on this sea of joyful faces, from 3 months old all the way to Grandma, and seeing them enjoy the yoga and each other. Seeing the moms with babes in arms, and the mother of a tribe of three bigger kids, all laughing and having fun. I felt so completely fulfilled.

It was also powerful to see all the practioners, teachers, and therapists that are part of the Yo Mama Family. I can’t believe how quickly I am finding such warm, caring people to be a part of this. I loved seeing people wander dreamily out of the massage and facial rooms, clearly nurtured.

I am so grateful to be here in Boulder, where my open house not only includes the new people that I have met, but people that I have known my whole life. After the screening of the film “Birth Day,” we led a small discussion, and there in the crowd were the faces of the people that I first experienced birth with, David Butler and Joyce Long.  Joyce gave birth to Elise, when I was 13 years old, and I had the honor of being there. Joyce brought the pictures of the birth, and I was transported, looking at my 13 year old self, with a bad perm and a sense of awe in my face. And now Elise (who is 20) is hoping to get home in time to see my baby being born. Life is such a rich circle, such a journey.

It’s nice when that journey has a few life-long companions. It’s good to be home. And to feel like Yo Mama is really starting to be a home, not just for me, but for many.

Thank you, thank you.

All of you that came out today, and all of you that come through the doors of the studio, and bring your bellies, your babies, and your hearts into my life. My heart, belly and life feel full tonight.

My deepest gratitude to Amanda, Lauren, Shanna, Maggie, Jen, Ruth, Caroline, Sydney, Ariana, Whitney, Sonja, Erika, Kelly, Mom, and my sweet husband, John.