The Fall of Hitler… (or creating a nursery)

Today we began to make space for our baby. Not just in the metaphorical sense, but in the physical. We began the transformation of John’s study to become the Study/Nursery! My feet are sore, my low back aches, but I feel one step closer to motherhood.

Let me explain the title of this entry. John’s study was completely decorated by him, and included some 70’s era educational posters about Propaganda. One of these posters was about Hitler. As I tried to picture the baby sleeping in this room, that was the one picture I knew had to go. Educational or not, my baby is not sleeping under the eye of Hitler. So Hitler fell, and was replaced with bunnies, lambs, and some artwork that John created of Robots and Ships. Much more cozy. We lit a night-light in the corner of the room, and it felt as if our baby’s little soul was already there.

Each night we read Goodnight Moon, and we sing You are My Sunshine to my belly and we dream of this little one. I cannot believe we are 6 short weeks away from the due date! Every kick signals the reality of this little person entering our lives. One of the most important people in the world to us. And now that person has a sweet little place to sleep. Goodnight room, Goodnight bunnies, Goodnight Ships flying over the moon. Goodbye Hitler, leaving the room.