Welcome to Yo Mama!

Most of us don’t know much about ourselves or motherhood before we become a mother.  I actually knew a lot (having attended 130 births) and yet I’ve found I actually know nothing.  I have been leveled by my experiences as a mother.  Gone are the ‘I know what I’m talking about’ insights I had before.  Now I am building my truth, brick by brick, day by day, breath by breath.  I am learning to listen more and say less.  To watch the growth of my miraculous children, who so far surpass my expectations in every way.  (which makes me very happy)  Anything I have learned and am learning along the way, I’m here to share.

I am a mother, childbirth educator, birth advocate, doula, entrepreneur, and writer.  That’s a lot of things to be.  But first, I am a mother.  This blog is the place that I want to write my own personal stories, as well as a call to action to those about to give birth.  I hope you will find this place entertaining, inspiring, and empowering.  I welcome your comments.

You’ll also find information here about my upcoming trainings: Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, Doula Training, my upcoming birth classes: Inspired Birth and my Kirtan gatherings.  Hope to see you soon!

Katie Wise is a doula, childbirth educator and birth advocate, as well as the owner and founder of Yo Mama Yoga, which is merging with the Denver-based business, the mama ‘hood.  Her work and writing have been featured in “Whole Life Times,” “Yogi Times,” “Los Angeles Daily News,” “Special Delivery,” the “Boulder Daily Camera,” and on NPR. Katie believes that women’s bodies have the wisdom to give birth. Her purpose in supporting and educating pregnant women is to uncover and foster that instinct and faith. Katie is also the host of the Mother’s Advocate “Healthy Birth Your Way: 6 Steps to a Safer Birth” video series. Please visit Katie’s site to find more information.

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